Included below are:
1) an overview
2) provided for the student not on grade level, this list of sample spelling words will you help select the proper text  
3) sample pages from the 4th, 5th and 6th grade level spelling worktexts
4) sample pages from the 6th grade teacher's edition
5) scope and sequence of grade levels one through eight

No finer course material for spelling has been found! Because the worktext provides 36 lessons, one lesson for each week in the school year, no schedule is needed. In the core lessons students read a variety of fiction and nonfiction selections focusing on areas of science, social studies, language arts, health, music and art. The course takes a solid phonetic and structural analysis approach to encoding providing a close tie between spelling and phonics. Each lesson consists of four pages. The first page presents an interesting and educational passage containing lesson words. The second page provides the word list with spelling principles the lesson focuses on them applies lesson principles. The fourth page provides a proofreading lesson and a composition exercise. One page is to be completed each school day from Monday through Thursday, on Friday the spelling test is given. Every sixth lesson provides a review of earlier lessons. 

Course Materials include:
1) a two color 190 page write-in student text 
2) a two color 160 page teacher's edition with supplemental student worksheets
3) a spelling test book

This 4th grade sample page shows the first page; the reading passage that begins each lesson.

This 5th grade sample page shows the lesson's second page which provides the list words and spelling principle.

This 6th grade sample page shows the lesson's third page which provides stimulating practice and application.

This teacher's edition provides reduced annotated student pages with ample teacher support!
(This picture is reduced in size to show two pages at once.)

(Two Pages)
Numbers in chart indicate lesson numbers
RC = reinforced in other contexts
 l  = found throughout